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Please send your donation to the following account and make sure to mention your First Name / Last Name:

Association “Free Ukraine”
1260 Nyon
CP 14-537343-3

IBAN :  CH 61 0900 0000 1453 7343 3



  • Are you independant?

    Yes, we are. Association “Free Ukraine” is an independent non-governmental organization founded in Switzerland.

  • As a donator, will I be able to decide where the money goes?

    When making a donation, you can always choose a project than you find most convenient:

    • Families
    • Orphanages
    • Hospitals
    • Education
    • Discover Ukraine
  • Do you have a re-fund policy?

    In progress…

  • Where the money goes exactly?

    The Association “Free Ukraine” collaborates with official institutions and partners in Ukraine (hospitals, clinics, orphanages, refugee camps, charities etc.) that transmit our aid directly to people in need.

    Additionally, having conducted detailed verification, we provide direct aid to families and individuals. For more details see our “Projects” page.

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