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“Free Ukraine” aid already to 12 families of victims perished in the conflict


The conflict on the East of Ukraine completely devastated a part of the country: thousands of people had to quit their homes, while some lost everything. Families left without any source of income, without housing or help. Unemployment, refugee camps, small allowances that barely allow living through the day… That is a common life for a lot of them. Now it is our duty to show solidarity with those, who face harsh reality day after day.

The Association “Free Ukraine” is committed to actively support families of victims perished in the conflict on the East of Ukraine: clothes, shoes, toys for children, blankets and essential items – everything counts!

We help people who lost members of their families during battles in Ukraine and those who were gravely wounded.

Current  projects

Oksana O. is a doll maker, her hands used to create little wonders, give life to fabric and bestow beauty upon this world in form of fabulous creatures. One of her dolls, as well as works of her colleagues are presented for your attention on the auction.

Recent years brought many challenges to her life: first, Oksana lost her home, her little motherland (she is from Kirovsk, Donetsk region). Her mother remained there, where Oksana was blacklisted as a Ukrainian language teacher and Ukraine supporter.

Having moved to Kyiv, other terrible news came: she was diagnosed with cancer. Oksana has already undergone three chemotherapy course (UAH 5000 each), a surgery is previewed in Kyiv regional hospital (from UAH 14’500), following by rehabilitation and more chemotherapy.

Success stories


“Free Ukraine” provided a financial aid to the family of Vasyl “Kindrat” Kindratsky, 81th assault brigade, ex-head of Mykolayiv state regional administration.

On 28 May 2015 in the village Vodyane Vasyl was injured by a direct hit of a tank shell. Doctors fought for his life for 40 minutes, but with no success…

May the memory of this hero live forever !  God rest his soul !


“Free Ukraine” provided a one-time financial aid to the family of Volodymyr Trush, the captain of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the senior lecturer in the Lviv National Ivan Franko University, the Culture and Arts faculty.

Volodymyr was tragically killed in action in the forest between Avdiivka and Donetsk byway. He was blown up by a trip wire explosive. He had a wife, Olena  Trush, and two sons, Mykola (10 y.o.) and Vasyl (3 y.o.).


“Free Ukraine” transferred the financial aid to family of Meruzh Miroshnichenko (mother Helen, wife Taya, two sons of 10 years old and newborn son after his dead).

“Free Ukraine” financially supported Svetlana Dyachenko and her son 8-years old, family of Oleksandr Dyachenko, killed by sniper in Pisky near Donetsk 30 July 2014.
“Free Ukraine” provided one-time financial assistance to family of Serhiy Didych (Heaven’ Hundred Hero), died during the clashes between protesters and “Berkut” forces 18.02.2014 in Kiyv.
Heroes never die !
“Free Ukraine” provided financial assistance to family of Igit Gasparyan.

“Free Ukraine” provided humanitarian help through “Gromadska varta”.


“Free Ukraine” joined the campaign to provide clothes and shoes to children, whose families lost their breadwinners in this war. So far, outfits were sent for:
– Zlata (born on 2014) and her sister Viktoria (born on 2012)
– Anastasiya (born on 2014)
– Daryna (born on 2014)

Let those little stars grow up happily, despite the war! May your mothers be courageous…

Taking part in this campaign became possible thanks to the efforts of volunteers from Volyn.


Since the beginning of the military conflict in Lugansk and Donetsk regions, many people turned into refugees. Some of them lost their home and have to stay in temporary barracks for displaced people.

“Free Ukraine” paid for 10 small stoves for cooking and heating of living premises.

These stoves were distributed to the volunteer center “New Mariupol” for refugees from these Eastern regions.


Humanitarian Aid from “Free Ukraine” just left Switzerland for Kramatorsk, Ukraine.

Previously, the packages with the Humanitarian Aid  were delivered to the hospitals in Kirovograd, Poltava, Dnepropetrovsk, Komsomolsk, Sumy and Lviv.