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“Free Ukraine” supported 400 orphaned children in one orphanage within the Mariupol’ region


The conflict on the East of Ukraine revealed a major issue in the country: orphanages. There are thousands of abandoned children, who find themselves outside the system in Ukraine. Regretfully, there is no country on Earth without orphanages. However, for some children the situation is much worse than for others.

The Association “Free Ukraine” supports several Ukrainian orphanages by helping them meet their needs and solve their “everyday problems”. Obviously, we cannot redo their childhood, but we can still give them an opportunity to feel loved, cherished, supported and comforted. Let us not forget that each every child has a right to be Happy, and it is up to us to contribute to its happiness. It is the nature of aid: candies, dresses or organized trips – the essence is to demonstrate that we are not indifferent.

Current projects


Gleb, 5-years old was diagnosed with blood cancer. On 30 September 2016 he proceeded with chemotherapy in Kyiv clinic “Ohmatdyt”. After numerous discussions parents decided to sell everything, borrow additional cash and then transfer the child to Italian clinic Oncoatoligia Pediatrica Policlinico G.B.Rossi in Verona for treatment.
They decided that the mother should stay with the child, while the father and the younger son remain in Kyiv. Given that their income decreased, while expenses increased, the family is struggling to return a remaining debt.
Additional information, status reports and copies of documents can be found on a Facebook page of “Glebka-life” (“Глебка-жизнь”) group.

Success stories


One part of the raised funds during 10th Anniversary Easter Market will be collected for rehabilitation of a young Ukrainian.

Let us introduce you Nadiyka. She is 12 years old, and she lives in Kirovograd, Ukraine. Nadia likes to read, to draw pictures, and to study. She loves her mother, the life and she loves Ukraine. The girl has been born with the (CP) cerebral palsy. Every minutes of her life is filled with pain. This is a hard challenge for Nadiyka, and even more for her mother which never leaves her daughter alone.
There’s a hope that Nadia will resist the disease and will be able to walk. Recently she has passed a joints correction surgery and she requires several rounds of rehabilitation activities. At the end of the treatment she may get a chance to stand up on her feet. The cost of each rehabilitation tour is 44 000 UAH (about 1800 CHF). This amount is unbearable for the Ukrainian family.

Let’s give this child an opportunity to see the world from her own height, and let’s bring back the smile to her family. Give the Hope to the one who can resist and fight !

*Nadiya – is a Ukrainian female name translated as “hope” into English. Nadia, Nadiyka – diminutives to Nadiya


“Free Ukraine” continues to support those in the most need in Ukraine. Recent humanitarian aid was delivered to Kirovograd region to which 10 000 refugees fled from the East of Ukraine. A big portion of this aid was provided  by Ukrainian diaspora from Lausanne.

The aid was also delivered to children with special needs living and studying in Znamyanka Boarding School.