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« Free Ukraine » a aidé dans le financement des 6 opérations chirurgicales ainsi que dans la fourniture des médicaments pour 200 personnes

Hospital surgery corridor


Depuis bien longtemps l’Ukraine n’a pas vu un tel nombre de victimes et de blessés: hommes, femmes, enfants, personnes âgés… Personne n’a été épargnée par la guerre. La souffrance et la douleur ont touché tout le monde sans aucune distinction. Les cliniques et les centres de réadaptation n’arrivent pas à absorber toutes les demandes ni de les traiter avec une prise en charge convenable.

Ne pouvant pas avoir accès aux médicaments et opérations chirurgicales nécessaires, les personnes ressortent handicapées à vie, tout en sachant que leur vie ne sera plus jamais comme avant. C’est pourquoi l’Association « Free Ukraine » essaie d’aider ces personnes: certains médicaments sont envoyés depuis l’Europe alors que d’autres sont achetés localement.


Projets actuels


Ruslan Yarish, a soldier of intelligence service of the separate airborne brigade no.79, was wounded in ATO zone.

Not far from Krasny Liman (Donetsk region) sniper’s bullet with a displaced center hit him in the shoulder blade​, and then pierced lung and spine. After this Ruslan had been paralyzed. Despite the prognosis of Ukrainian and Israeli doctors, Ruslan decided to restore the ability to walk again. After treatment in a military hospital he continued to reach his goal in Bubnovsky center in Kharkiv, where after the long hard work he gained the big results no one had expected earlier.

Currently, he is continuing the treatment in neuro-rehabilitation research center « Nodus » (Brovary city), where the second course of rehabilitation (3 months long) costs about 9,000 dollars. He was married in July 2014,  in summer 2016 he adopted the daughter of his wife. Anna Hvozdyar, the volunteer of « Narodnyi Tyl » , is responsible for gathering money for Ruslan treatment.

Cas de réussite


Roman Kubyshkin, codename “Sanych”, volunteered to the ATO. He was a gunner stationed in Piski village. He received grave head injury (his head was a total mess) during a shelling on January 22. Skull fragments and some brain tissue was absent. He had no chances to recover from such damage.

However, he displayed significant recovery progress under the care of the “Nodus” clinic doctors. Now, Roman is restoring hands and legs muscles functionality, reacts to demands, responds with eyes movement.

Treatments for such people last long, but mentioned progress indicates good recuperation perspective. Roman’s treatment and rehabilitation require specific medicine, a majority of which consists of neurology drugs.


Artur Galtsov, codename “Sparrow”, is a 24 y.o. volunteer from Dnipropetrovsk. He served in Vodiane village near Donetsk. Having lost his friends on the field, he suffered grave psychological trauma.

He attempted suicide (attempt to jump from a hospital third floor) while under treatment. He was transported to Metchnikov Hospital with numerous hematomas and fractures.

Currently, Artur is under care in the “Nodus” clinic. He requires modern medicine for his treatment, namely neurology drugs.


The Association « Free Ukraine » hosted the action « Beauty will help Ukraine! » ( The purpose of the beads art sale was to gather funds for the treatment for Leonid Moroshan, a soldier of 128 mountaininfantry brigade, who was injured during the battle in Debaltseve.
Soon Leonid will go to Poland to continue his treatment. We wish him rapid recovery!

On the photo: volunteers visit Leonid and deliver funds raised from the action; Leonid Moroshan with the “Medal of Service for Prykarpattya”; commendation for the significant contribution.


The Association « Free Ukraine » provided financial support for purchasing toolset and medical equipment (bone implant) , that was necessary for surgery for Oleksandr Kosolapov.

Currently he is recovering after grave injury in Lviv military hospital.


The Association « Free Ukraine » partially financed the first stage of the treatment for Leonid Khmelkov (24 y.o.). This treatment allowed to initiate the process of getting the « Cyborg » back on his feet.

« Today I made a little step by foot and a great step in my soul » said Leonid on 13 April 2015, the day of the Ukrainian Easter celebration.


Several refugees families moved to Kirovograd from the East of Ukraine recently received the medicines from our Association.


The Association « Free Ukraine » successfully delivered 16 pairs of сrutches, 6 anti-decubitus mattresses, 20 packs eye cream Tobrex and other medicaments to military hospital in Dnipropetrovsk.